On 23th June in Olgiate Comasco it was held the unveil and the delivery ceremony of the newest addition to Ageotec’s family of ROVs to Enel.

Enel, the public traded company leader in production and international distribution of electricity and gas, will use this equipment for the inspection of underwater artifacts, dams, reservoirs and pipelines of its power plants and facilities spread across Europe, North and South America.

The new ROV Sirio+ is a system of small size, based on the architecture of the popular inspection class Sirio, albeit with an aggressive power -4 brushless thrusters 450W each- that make it suitable to operate in conditions of strong currents and in other toughest situations. The 3 cameras allow technicians to inspect the artifacts on the front, on the back and also to observe the areas above the vehicle, all simultaneously. Despite its compact size, ROV Sirio+ is provided with an integrated altimeter, sonar beacon USBL and Panorama, which allow it to make extremely precise positioning and to work in conditions of muddy water. Its powerful thrusters allow for a payload of more than 14 kg and therefore offer the possibility of adding survey skids with multibeams, side scan sonars and even a three functions manipulator. In the two days of training in Olgiate Comasco, Enel technicians were able to study in detail the new ROV Sirio+ and, together with Ageotec’s Customer Support team, performed the first tests, gaining familiarity with the new machine.

“We were looking for a ROV that would allow us to make precise and detailed analyses” says Angelo Madonia, head of the department. “We chose Ageotec basically for two reasons. Firstly for the quality of the product, fully designed and developed in Italy, with all the features that make Italian engineering a recognized excellence worldwide. Secondly the reputation of Ageotec’s Service Customer Support team, which allows us to approach our tasks worldwide with greater peace of mind”

Ageotec’s newest product will be formally christened in October during the opening ceremony of the new manufacturing plant in Bologna.

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