It’s up to Perseo try to recover the body of the sailor Laveno Bruno Petoletti, who fell off his sailboat and swallowed by the Verbano without a trace on December 31 in the waters of Lake Maggiore, in front of the harbor of Reno Leggiuno.
At work yesterday, firefighters Varese and Como , together with the specialists of the core divers of the firefighters of Milan. The ROV Perseo, which already last summer had proved crucial to return the body to the family of Jan Doek, the 44 year-old Dutch tourist swallowed by Major in front of the Lido of Macclesfield. Along about a meter, for a width of 80 cm and 80 pounds of weight Perseo is the means by underwater search more efficient for this type of operations.
Offering a sophisticated sonar, two cameras, one with color vision, the other in black and white, is able to search the seabed up to an operational depth of 400 meters. Not to mention its robotic arm capable, with its five functions of movement to maneuver in any situation.

It will not be an easy mission, because of the wide stretch of lake to explore, with no precise coordinates and without knowing the exact point where the sailor was swallowed by the lake.
The alarm was given only after his drifting boat was recovered at the entrance of the harbor. With no sign of the man.

Our ROV Ageotec Perseo proves very useful and effective during the operations of discovery of missing people in water as on the present search for a missing sailor in Maggiore Lake.
The Fire Department, with the support of Perseo, already made other recovery operations at Maggiore Lake as well as in other nearby lakes.

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