The worldwide success of the model Perseo GTV continues: a new ROV Perseo GTV has been delivered to the Company U-Boat Malta.

U-Boat Malta

U-Boat is a division of U-Group holding company, focused on discovering, filming and sharing the beauties hidden in the underwater world. For us adventure and discovery are not just words on the paper, but a great part of our life. Their U-Boat Navigator is supplied with full range of equipment for the excitement of underwater exploration: sonars, ROV’s, a diving bell, and of course, the Triton 3300/3 and Triton 3300/1 MD submersibles, capable of operating at the depth of 1000 metres (3300 feet).

Ageotec ROV Perseo GTV

Configured to 1500 m depth, the Perseo GTV required by U-Boat Malta, thanks to its well-known modularity, is designed to house alternately a 5 functions Hydro-Lek manipulator (equipped with rotary pipe and cable cutter) an Ageotec cleaning brush, a Tritech Seaking panoramic sonar and more. In the coming months, U-Boat Malta will acquire a complete multibeam data acquisition spread to be installed on their Perseo GTV. ROV Perseo GTV is confirmed as the best vehicle for high-performance multipurpose on the international scene.