Italian Navy acquires a ROV Pegaso system for submarine research and rescue

In may 2012 the Italian Navy published a tender in order to provide COMSUBIN (acronym for the Italian Navy’s diver unit) with a ROV open frame system in order to realize operations of visual and instrumental research, objects recovery and underwater rescue activities.
AGEOTEC won the tender, offering its ROV Pegaso System on the basis of the technical requirements indicated in the tender by the Italian Navy. To be more precise, the ROV Pegaso realized for the COMSUBIN is equipped with 2 five-functions manipulators, motorized winch with 1000 m of umbilical cable, silenced diesel power generator, USBL system and a Bluview Sonar.
Realized in AGEOTEC Production Department of Olgiate Comasco, as always tailor-made, the ROV Pegaso has been delivered to the COMSUBIN by march 2014 and, after a first period of training and warm up, it finally becomes operative by the 15 of April, when it accomplishes its first rescue mission successfully.
The great satisfaction of the customer meets up the satisfaction of Ageotec Staff, proud of its ROV realized exactly on the specific requests of the customers.

La grande soddisfazione del cliente si unisce a quella di tutto lo staff AGEOTEC, che anche questa volta è orgoglioso di aver realizzato un sistema “tailor-made”, cucito attorno alle specifiche esigenze del committente.

Images courtesy of Italian Navy