Comsubin’s Rov Pegaso System (read the article here) has successfully accomplished its research in the sea bottom of Cinque Terre, out of La Spezia coast, discovering a white coral reef.
Started the past autumn and leaded by Enea and Italian Navy, the research in the sea bottom of the Ligurian Sea has now brought to light this stunning discover (6 miles from the coast , water depth of 560 m).
The white coral reef is considered really precious because of its biological variance (even three times higher than normality): it can host and feed several marine species, working as a “natural oasis in the desert”.
The discover will be really helpful for national and international research in the field of coral features and development.
The first presence of coral reef in Ligurian Sea was recorded in 1958, after Vessel Calypso’s samplings leaded in 1957.

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Images courtesy of Italian Navy