The operation was led by the GOS department of COMSUBIN (the Italian elite commando frogman force) at a depth of more than 100 m below the sea surface.
The steamship Polluce, famous for its legendary treasure, sunk on 17 June of 1841 after a collision with the steampship Mongibello, in the waters of Elba Island.
The discovery has been possible thanks to the new Ageotec’s ROV PEGASO, recently adquired by the COMSUBIN.
This sofisticated ROV is provided with powerful manipulators, high definition cameras and a cutting-edge sonar and can reach 2000 m of deapness, leading extremely precise researches. The discovered coins on Polluce steamship, of great interest and historical value, enrichs the collections of coins brought to light by the Anteo ship during the previous missions of 2007 and 2008.

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