With more than ten years on the market, Ageotec has become a recognized Company, known worldwide for its ROVs and for the global supplying of survey equipment. And today we are glad to inform you about the merger with Lighthouse, the sister Company which for years has been part of the same Holding Group.

Closely linked, always working together side by side, sharing technical knowledge and facing various challenges together, Lighthouse and Ageotec personnel already had a feeling of being part of the same team, running independent activities within the same core business: the marine industry. And now, we are all proud to be formerly part of the same team.

The merger will strengthen the current existing sales structure by involving Ageotec staff in selling ROVs, oceanographic, geophysical and hydrographic equipment. They will bring to the merger their expertise which is characterized by constant, timely and personalized assistance to the customer.

Moreover, thanks to the agreement signed with L3 Calzoni, we are improving the manufacturing of ROVs with the benefit of a high qualified manufacturing plant. The ROVs will continue to be marketed as Ageotec, a well recognized brand worldwide, taking advantage of Calzoniā€™s cutting-edge production model, which produces Ageotec under license.

Ageotec operative staff will remain the same, we will focus on the sale of the ROVs and equipment in civil sector, while L3 Calzoni will retain production of the underwater robots, as well as their sales in military sector. A joined team will work on research and development.

Lighthouse expands, with the aim of being efficient in providing the customer with the best solution, thanks to its highly qualified staff and innovative ways of using the latest technology.
Thinking Ahead, Always One Step Ahead.