Lighthouse has recently delivered a new Datawell Directional Waverider MkIII to HHI (Hydrographic Institute of the Republic of Croatia). A new Datawell Directional Waverider MkIII was purchased from EU funds from IPA Component II Croatia – Montenegro (Cross-Border Cooperation).

Starting its activities in the Adriatic Sea back in 1860, when the office was established in Trieste, the HHI has come a long way, making a significant contribution to the advancement of hydrographic-navigational elements of the safety of navigation by releasing Croatian electronic navigational charts (ENC) and making them available to end users on ships and to maritime administrations worldwide.
Their mission is to carry out hydrographic survey of the sea and seabed, to analyse the data and publish official charts and nautical publications, and to provide other information following international and national regulations and standards.

The product hardly needs any introduction: it is the world’s standard for measuring wave height and wave direction. The success of the is due to the proprietary well-proven and accurate Datawell stabilised platform sensor, enabling wave height measurements by a single accelerometer. For the wave direction, direct pitch and roll measurements are performed needing no integration. In combination with horizontal accelerometers and a compass this forms the complete sensor unit, the heart of the instrument.

    Main features:

  • Wave motion sensor based on a stabilised platform, accelerometers, and magnetic compass
  • measures wave height for wave periods of 1.6 to 30 seconds, accuracy 0.5 % of measured value
  • measures wave direction
  • measures water temperature
  • GPS for buoy monitoring and tracking through HF link
  • internal logger
  • LED flash antenna
  • 0.9 m (0.7 m) diameter spherical hull of AISI 316
  • optional Cunifer hull, warranted not to corrode
  • 3 years (1 year) battery life
  • HF transmitter range 50 km over sea