LIGHTHOUSE Equipment Division, in cooperation with “SUB Verbania” Association, is scheduling a two-days free demo in Suna, Verbania (Maggiore Lake).

The free demo, which will be held on the 10th and 11th May, aims at showing a wide range of cutting-edge instruments: NORBIT iWBMSh-STX Multibeam System + LIDAR, KLEIN MARINE SYSTEMS K4900 Side Scan Sonar, iXblue GAPS Ultra Short Base Line, VALEPORT SWiFT Sound Velocity Profiler, SOUND METRICS Aris Explorer 3000 Acoustic Camera and our AGEOTEC ROV Lyra (powered by L3-Calzoni). All data will be acquired and interpreted through QINSY Software.

The first part of the demo will take place on the dock of “SUB Verbania” Association in Suna, where our staff will demonstrate features and possible applications of Acoustic Camera ARIS EXPLORER 3000 (Sound Metrics), Remotely Operated Vehicle AGEOTEC ROV LYRA and USBL GAPS (iXblue).

Later our staff, on board the Motopontone Verbania, a boat which is capable of hosting up to 10 people, will present the systems and their main features, from the acquisition to the interpretation of data: Navigation System QiNSy (QPS), MultiBeam iWBMSh-STX + Laser Scanner LiDAR (Norbit), Side Scan Sonar K4900 (Klein Marine Systems) and Sound Velocity Profiler SWiFT (Valeport).

Please send us an email to receive details regarding the demo within 23rd April at