GAS has opened a new branch office in Baku, Azerbaijan, in a strict connection with Azeri people and their business activities.
The Azerbaijani market is an interesting reality with a wide margin of growth.
A lot of foreign Companies are aware of the Azeri potential and they are trying to set up their business here, not only in the offshore industry, but in many other fields.

Azerbaijan sounds really attractive for different reasons, not only for its Oil & Gas field, but also for its strong will to be international, modern and competitive: Baku is a cosmopolitan and attractive centre, the most important of the whole Caucasian area.
In spite of this, we are not afraid of competition, because we strongly believe in our expertise and proficiency. We have built our company around the concept of reliability and deep knowledge, we follow our customers in every phase of the project and we are sure to give our best every time.

We are also aware of the strong bilateral relationship existing between Azerbaijan and Italy, characterized by a long tradition of business and cooperation, which we are interested in keeping strong and substantial.

a view of Baku