Offshore construction projects involve huge financial budgets, and simple/small mistakes in positioning can jeopardize the progress of the entire project, or lead to a complete ‘halt’ of the project while the causes of the mistakes are being investigated.

Due to this, there is a huge emphasis on highly accurate positioning systems and services, as the old saying goes “Time is money”, fast service and rapid decision-making is the key to the realization of cost reduction on these highly costly offshore costruction operations. With this in mind, Lighthouse saw the opportunity and ‘filled the gap’ by helping our customers in providing cost effective positioning and survey services.

For Offshore Construction operations support, Lighthouse has full capabilities in the following services:

  • Barge Positining c/w Tug Management Systems which utilizes top of the range TDMA system
  • LBL positioning for subsea installation
  • Jacket and Platform Installation (including Floatover structures)
  • Installation of bridges between platforms
  • FPSO and FSO installation support
  • Piles installation support
  • Midwater Arch and PLEMS installations
  • Pipelines, cables and umbilical installation support
  • Shore Pull operations support
  • Installation of pipeline support such as mattressesPre and Post lay surveys
  • As-Built surveys including Out of Straightness Surveys (OOS)