Having a huge pool of highly skilled technicians worldwide Lighthouse is able to provide data processing services anywhere in the world in accordance to the customers’ requirements.

Our personnel can be mobilized to process the data onboard the survey vessel, in our many branches around the globe, and with special agreement, the processing can also be done at our customers’ premises. Clear and client oriented reports and legible charts are offered, this will mean less time for customers to understand and implement the information in the project. To enhance this, Lighthouse pays great attention to reports and charts production. Lighthouse has a dedicated processing and reporting department that works together with the customer throughout the project, so as to produce an end result suited to the customers’ needs.

Our reporting department works in conjunction with our QC department ensuring high quality standards throughout the data processing and reporting periods. As every customers needs could be different, Lighthouse has acquired top of the range third part processing software which is continuously updated, and for every update the processing personnel is trained so that they can fully understand the customers’ requirements. In addition to third part software, Lighthouse has initiated the drive to develop own in-house software which also is upgraded continuously to be in line with client’s demands.

  • 3D volume interpretation
  • 3D seismic re-processing at high resolution
  • 2D seismic processing
  • Desktop study for cable and pipelines
  • Consultancy
  • Geomatics
  • Charting and Reporting