Lighthouse has built up a strong partnership with the Department of Geological Sciences of the University of Bologna, to help in developing new trends and methods of carrying out our activities.

Lighthouse is partner of The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) in WAter and COastal MAnagement WACOMA.
WACOMA promotes academic excellence in a teaching Master Degree Programme that aims at developing common understanding and deepening scientific knowledge in the vital, challenging and continuously evolving field of water and coastal ecosystems.

Moreover, Lighthouse is part of the BBS Business Program in order to promote the personal and professional development of its management.

It’s mutualistic relationship whereby the companies offer business insights and the students contribute proven methodology and expertise. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

When the Universities and the Companies collaborate, each party has certain expectations of the other side – the companies expect universities through their lectures to come up with ground breaking innovative methodologies of carrying out certain works in the industry , while the universities expect their students to gain the much needed industrial experience through internships and get opportunities to put their theoretical skills into practice.

The universities also expect to be given the opportunity to transfer theoretical ideas into practical projects and to implement research in the real world. Both parties have fundamental points of interest and this is where a win-win situation is created for both parties. In general those firms that do not enter into partnership with academic institutions lose in the end, as they lag behind in technological innovation. As the old saying goes “Knowledge is Power”, those that are continuously gaining knowledge are always ahead of the rest, such companies are at an advantage as they are be able address their customers’ needs urgently and hence increase their competitive edge ensuring a bigger market share.

The collaboration with the University of Bologna has led to the development of the Master Course Geoscienze marine: metodi e tecniche di analisi dello spazio marino-costiero. The partnership entails Lighthouse to offer its staff to assist the University of Bologna with lectures and practical lessons, and in return the University sends students to Lighthouse for internship which sometimes result into full employment with the Company.

Besides University of Bologna, Lighthouse has a similar arrangement with the University of Genoa for the Master Course Marine Geomatics and Applied Technologies To Marine Environment.