Saipem, through its subsidiary ERSAI Caspian Contractor LLC, has awarded GAS KCO (Kazakh subsidiary of GAS Italy) a contract for the survey and positioning services during the construction of two pipelines of 95 km each. The pipelines will connect D Island in the Caspian Sea to the Karabatan onshore plant in Kazakhstan.
Scope of work includes the provision of personnel and equipment on board the Survey Vessel to carry out pre-lay, as laid and as built survey. More over, it includes the provision of precise positioning on board 4 Construction and Post Trenching Vessels and 14 TUGs.
One of the most challenging services requested by ERSAI is the provision of precise positioning during the pipe string push/pulling operations. This service is essential to monitor the pipe movements and preserve its integrity during the installation. 20 tracking points have been installed by GAS technicians on the buoyancy tanks aligned over 10 km of pipes. Each control point is capable to transmit the pipe position and heading to the laying barge located at 10 km of distance. String push/pulling operation is expected to take approx. to 60 days. Each tracking point is designed to be splash proof and self-powered using batteries and solar panels. The differential signal is broadcasted by means of TDMA techniques; the pipe movements are collected from the C12 pipe lay barge during push/pulling operations.
As usual, this service has been provided by GAS according to schedule, under strict guidelines on safety and result accuracy – a trademark of GAS throughout is 30 years of activity in the Oil&Gas business.