On February 16th, Huawei Group held the seventh Huawei’s GEPC (Global Engineering Partner Convention) in Shenzhen, China. More than 300 people has been invited at the convention, including Huawei’s valued partners, senior leaders of 115 engineering suppliers from all around the world, and officials of the United Nations.

Speeches themed by procurement, engineering delivery, managed services, enterprise network, EHS, BCG internal control requirements, products serviceability improvement, cyber security and quality were arranged around GEPC’s theme “Collaborate & innovate for Industry Win-Win, leading the future”

Our Company, after 6 years of successful and steady collaboration with Huawei, has been awarded with the “Collaboration & Development Prize” on the GEPC 2016.

After this convention, partners had a better understanding of strategy and requirements of Huawei in 2016, strengthened their confidence in long-term cooperation with the Chinese Company, which helped lay a solid foundation for smoothing the working path in engineering and regional procurement in 2016.