Lighthouse is proud to announce that it has entered into a definitive agreement to merge with Ageotec, the italian Company known worldwide for its ROVs and the global supplying of survey equipment.

Steadily linked for more than ten years, Lighthouse and Ageotec have been part of the same Holding Group which comprised Companies running independent activities in diversified markets, within the common business of marine exploration.
Always side by side, sharing knowledge, facing challenges together, Lighthouse and Ageotec people already felt like they were part of the same staff before today. And now, we are all formerly part of the same team.
In a phase of corporate reorganization, we have decided to improve our organizational structure by creating new synergies, leveraging expertise and strengthening the sale department.

Lighthouse will continue to provide positioning services, geophysical acquisition and data processing with care, passion and the competence acquired from more than 30 years in the field. The existing sale structure will be strengthened thanks to Ageotec staff, who will handle the sale of ROVs and oceanographic, geophysical and hydrographic equipment. They will carry forward the spirit that has always characterized them: constant, timely and with personalized assistance to the customer.

Lighthouse grows up, with the aim to always provide the customer with the best solution, thanks to its highly qualified staff and clever use of technology.

Enrico Sassi, General Manager of Lighthouse, commented: “Together is better than alone. Especially for those who work at sea and for the sea, a good and qualified team is the starting point to overcome any challenge that, at the first glance, seems to be impossible to face. Today we blend two skilled teams and we put them at the service of our customers to make, together, the most appropriate choices, to win bigger challenges. Looking ahead, to make possible what before seemed impossible”