Friday 15 December, LIGHTHOUSE had the pleasure of receiving a visit of the Italian Minister for the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, Mr Gian Luca Galletti.

The CEO of LIGHTHOUSE, Mr Pietro Basciano, together with the General Manager Mr Enrico Sassi, presented the Company to the Minister Galletti, illustrating its organisation, characteristics and main area of activity.

Positively impressed by the presentation, the Minister showed great interest in LIGHTHOUSE and the projects in which the Company is involved.

An interesting dialogue followed, regarding the current energy panorama and the trends that will characterise the field of traditional and renewable energy in the near future. A shared vision emerged on the need to increase the use of green energy, as a major challenge of the coming decades.

A challenge which, as often happened in the history of mankind, can turn into a great opportunity if it can kick off the development of a new economy based on the increasing use of renewables.

It is a complex challenge that involves everyone, which requires prudent and forward-looking political choices and that requires, first of all, a major cultural operation that clarifies the real terms of the issue and guides the behaviour of citizens, institutions and businesses.