A three-days training session for IHMS personnel (Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology, Montenegro) was successfully held from July 3rd to July 5th 2018 at our Bologna headquarters.

We welcomed Mr Radovan Kandić (Head of Sector for Hydrography and Oceanography – IHMS), Mr Luka Ćalić (Head of the Department of Hydrography – IHMS) and Miss Rabina Å abotić (Adviser at Department of Hydrography – IHMS), who were previously involved in the Hydrographic Survey offshore Montenegro carried out last month by LIGHTHOUSE on behalf of ENI S.p.A.

The training

The training topics covered the acquisition and the processing of MBES, SSS and SBP data, merging the theoretical subjects with the practical approach. Classes took places in our offices, both in the processing department and in the warehouse, where the trainees had the chance to see some of our survey equipment such as GPS systems, Gyrocompass, MBEcho-sounder, Side Scan Sonar and Sub-bottom Profiler. During the third day, a test was completed and then discussed with the trainees in order to verify the the effectiveness of the training.
During the classes, our reports and charts production, data cross check and merging, as well as case study presentations, have been object of study for the trainees, with the precious help of our data processing staff. The last day, a test was completed and then discussed with the trainees in order to verify the the effectiveness of the training.

The Institute for Hydrometeorology and Seismology, Montenegro (IHMS)

IHMS is the national hydrological and meteorological service of Montenegro.
Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro was formed in 2012 by merging two governmental institutions: the Hydrometeorological Institute and the Seismological Observatory. The main activities of the Institute concern the observation, measurement, analysis and processing of meteo, hydro, eco and agrometeo parameters.

IHMS is in charge of the production of studies, interpretations, analysis and information about climate, condition of the soil, air, surface and ground water and coastal sea, including the forecasting and dissemination of data (meteo, hydro, eco and agrometeo). IHMS establishes and maintains Network Stations (meteo, hydro, agrometeo) to monitor water, air, soil and weather conditions.



In the pictures above, the trainees from IHMS with LIGHTHOUSE personnel involved in the training: Mrs Rosaria Di Florio, Mr Fabrizio Zucchini, Mr Stefano Carletti, Miss Paola Crupi and Mr Marcello Bernardi