LIGHTHOUSE has been awarded a contract for a 151 km of marine route survey, commissioned by the Ministry of Energy and Water Management of Malta. The survey represents the first stage of the future construction of the Malta-Sicily Gas pipeline, which will start in 2022 and it expected to be completed in 2024.


The proposed Malta–Sicily Gas pipeline interconnection, with a supply capacity of 232,000Sm3/hr, is a 22inch diameter submarine pipeline 159 km long capable of operating in a bi-directional mode and recommended to be installed between Gela, Sicily, and Delimara, Malta.

The length of the onshore route between the terminal station and the shore line in Sicily is 7.1 km, whereas a 0.7 km pipeline shall cross the Delimara peninsula through a trenchless method from the Malta landfall to the Delimara Terminal Station.

The project will connect Malta to the European gas network and contribute to the integration of the Internal Energy Market. It will replace the importation of LNG for the production of electricity, contributing to the system’s overall flexibility and interoperability in that it will offer the possibility of capacity for reverse flows in the future. The Malta-Sicily gas pipeline, in other words, will guarantee greater security of energy supply to the island, giving an easier access to the natural gas resources and market integration.


The mobilisation will start in the following weeks while the operation shall take approximately 3 months and will see the use of LIGHTHOUSE vessels for investigation activities.

Four different dedicated vessels will be mobilised almost simultaneously along the whole routing for the survey and sampling activities covering specific areas in the nearshore sector of the landfalls and all along the offshore portion.

Operations will include four different kind of geophysical survey (MBES, SSS, SBP and Magnetometer), collection of about 120 geotechnical samples, and as many about 120 environmental samples with involvement of more than 60 people during the different phases of the project.

“The chance to get involved in the Malta – Sicily Gas Pipeline project represents – once more – our efforts to consolidate our leadership position in the Mediterranean Sea as Survey & Positioning provider”, said Pietro Basciano – LIGHTHOUSE Chairman. “Thanks to our vessels and our survey equipment, we provide our clients the best solutions to optimise offshore operations, meet deadlines and stick to budget plans”.