Lighthouse owns a Perseo GTV, the ROV Multipurpose for visual and instrumental inspections powered by AGEOTEC.

AGEOTEC is a leading company in production of best in class ROV systems and a one stop shop for marine instrumentation for geophysics and oceanography from the best manufacturers worldwide. All models are characterized by a unique set of fundamental features in the world’s scenario: Reduced overall dimensions and easy handling due to a carefully designed control software and high power, compact size thrusters to allow a straightforward usage even in adverse environments; wide-band concept applied to all connections by means of optical fiber cables, which guarantees fast data transmission

and simultaneous communication of multiple sets of information between the ROV and the surface; easy vehicle management due to a simple layout of components and subsystems, and reduced maintenance downtime due to the supply of a complete kit of spare parts and to the use of top quality components, readily available worldwide, allowing to reduce general costs of work while increasing the value of the initial investment to the highest levels; high degree of customization with the aim of meeting customer’s requests due to a widely modular vehicle design.

All this meets with passion and thorough skill of technicians and engineers, as well as with the Company’s aptitude to develop together with each customer all aspects of the projects to be carried out, so that optimal solutions can be achieved by choosing the most suitable components.