GAS has bought an Elac Nautik SeaBeam 3030 deep water multiping multibeam system.

The SeaBeam 3030 multibeam echo sounder collects bathymetric, corrected backscatter, sidescan and Water Column Imaging (WCI) data in medium depth and deep waters over a wide swath in excess of 140 degrees, meeting all relevant survey standards. Due to its depth performance in combination with wide coverage, SeaBeam 3030 is the ideal hydrographic sensor for mapping the continental rise. The system will be installed with a gondola beneath R/V Odin Finder and will allow GAS to survey down to 6000m water depth.

Key Features

  • Up to 7,000 m Depth Performance
  • Up to 7,000 m Bottom Coverage
  • Multi-Ping Mode
  • Real-time Water Column Imaging (WCI)
  • Mobile Version for up to 3° x 2° Beam Width
  • Transducers adapted to Specifi c Ship’s Hull (optional)