The initiative

Lighthouse has recently participated to the submission to the European Commission of a proposal concerning a Joint European Erasmus Mundus Master in WAter and COastal MAnagement (WACOMA). It is a 24 month program with a central focus on multidisciplinary aquatic, environmental and marine sciences. Based on an advanced teaching program, the Master aims at promoting an exchange of information with a direct involvement of the coastal end users and stakeholders.
The main objective of this program is the formation of Master academic training and capacity building program in the multidisciplinary domain of fresh water, marine and in general environmental sciences, with a solid knowledge of environmental and legal instruments.

The course

The course draws on EU research projects and case studies, as well as laboratory experiments and field trips. Students are trained in both the collection and analysis of data and the transformation of data into information. The training includes solving practical management problems of catchments, wetlands, coasts, Ports and in general freshwater and marine areas as well as the comparison of alternate solutions.
The proposed Master ‘WACOMA’ is a 2 years program running over three periods at different leading European Universities, with research activities carried out at HEIs and Associate Members of the Consortium.

Our contribution

Lighthouse, which strongly believes in the importance of the mutualistic relationship between companies and universities, chooses to join the WACOMA Master Program and strengthens its collaboration with the universities

Lighthouse will actively support the initiative promoting the WACOMA Master within and outside the network in order to recruit and select students and participating in the advisory board meeting for external assessment/evaluation and the quality program. Moreover, Lighthouse will be able to collaborate giving advice, proposing adjustments to the course and taking part in teaching activities by offering specialised lectures and seminars.