LIGHTHOUSE has been chosen by EuroAsia Interconnector to perform a detailed marine survey in order to prepare and lay the longest and deepest marine cable ever installed in the world.

In 2016 our company had already been awarded the contract for the “Reconnaissance Survey to Determine the Preferred Route for the EuroAsia InterConnector” which was successfully performed within the same year.

The construction of this “electric highway”, will link the national electricity networks of Greece, Crete, Cyprus and Israel through a 1500 km of HVDC cable placed at a depth of 3’000 meters. It will be therefore able to transport electricity from the eastern Mediterranean to the European continent. For this reason, the project is financed by the European Commission and it has been included in the PCI (“Project of Common Interest”).

The design and the installation of such a complex system requires a high precision data acquisition and successive processing. This will be possible through classic survey techniques as well as extremely advanced underwater robotic technologies such as AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) and ROV (Remote Operated Vehicles).

LIGHTHOUSE will employ three research vessels in the section of open sea where the investigations will be carried out. Two of them belong to our company, RV Nautical Geo and RV Odin Finder while the third will be an additional leased one. A series of smaller sized vessel will be used for the reliefs in the shallow water zones near the coast and shoreline.

The huge amount of data collected will be processed on board and then it will be interpreted by geophysicists in the data processing and reporting department in our headquarters. At this stage, a customer support will be provided in Nicosia, EuroAsia Interconnector’s headquarters.

“We are very proud to be involved in this important engineering and construction project especially in the first phases which are always the most critical” commented Pietro Basciano – LIGHTHOUSE Chairman. “The survey will be an important challenge for us. It will be an opportunity to demonstrate how we managed to establish the company into this international market thanks to our technicians’ proficiency and professionality. We are grateful to Eurasia Interconnector for choosing us and believe in our abilities to offer a high level service even in the most extreme conditions”.